Emma Seppala PhD: Meditation & the Inspiration to Help War Vets

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<b>Emma Seppala PhD: Meditation & the Inspiration to Help War Vets</b>

During the summer I blogged about Emma Seppala’s work with veterans suffering from PTSD and the documentary in which some of her research was featured. When we sat down to talk this summer, I asked her where she got the inspiration to begin to help veterans.


It is an unusual story to say the least, and one that Emma doesn’t usually tell. It starts with a particularly intense meditation experience and ends with Emma’s fantastic work on non-pharmacological methods that help war veterans overcome post traumatic stress disorder.

This is a kind of companion to the interview I posted earlier in the week with Dr. Cliff Saron. It used to be that scientists who study meditation would almost seem to hide their practice, as if it meant that had some kind of bias that would lay a pall on their research findings. Not any longer!